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Found Cats - Any found cats will be listed here, if there are any, prior to a listing of lost/missing cats. If you wish to list a cat that you have found listed here, then please use the contact form, at the very end of the home page. We also have a facebook page CAT Action Trust Lanarkshire, if you wish to put the found cat on there. We have fosterer's based in Lanark, Blackwood and Bonnybridge, so if you need to borrow a trap for a stray/found cat(if it's very scared) or indeed it's a friendly cat and you wish to borrow a micro chip scanner(to find out if the cat is chipped to try to find out its owner), it should not be a problem. But just remember where we are based that's all. However saying that we also may even be able to neuter the cat for you, if you are wishing to keep the cat, but cannot find the owner, as we have accounts with a few vets even outwith the Lanarkshire/Falkirk area. You're own local vets practises can also possibly help with scanning the cat for a micro chip and/or they may have a trap. As well as any cat rescue more local to you.

A list of cat rescues is available, by area in the Help section here. Also there are a few cat rescues listed below here that really specialise in missing and found cats in Scotland and are very, very worthwhile contacting as well, if you have lost or indeed found a cat.

Some things to do, if your cat unfortunately has gone missing:-

Re trace your steps, along with others in the house? Where have you have been? In a cupboard, wardrobe, garden, shed, garage, attic, spare room? In fact best to search the whole house from top to bottom first, as cats have been known to hide inside sofas and in places you can’t imagine they would actually fit!

As well as putting out your cat’s favourite food outside your door, where the cat usually comes and goes from. It’s also useful to put some of your cats: litter tray, bed or blanket, a little of the contents of your hoover bag. Also possibly some clothes you yourself have worn such as socks, trainer insoles, trainers, slippers, tops, etc. As they will have a better chance of recognising their own scent that way and finding their way back home.

When it’s quieter (best possibly at dawn and dusk). Call your cat from the door it usually would have come and gone from. After calling a bit, have a good listen instead, just in case it is meowing somewhere and cannot get out. Keep doing this from time to time. A lost cat may not necessarily come to you due to fear, so search anywhere there is a possibility of it hiding: Behind bins, under shrubbery, decking or cars, etc. Take a torch, as it will be easier to catch a glimpse of your cat’s eyes in a dark spot. Possibly record a noise familiar to the cat and play back when searching and/or take some of your cat’s favourite food or treats to entice it out with the familiar smells. Also something that sounds familiar, such as a box of dried cat food or treats. If your cat is at all scared and possibly will not come to your calling. Maybe contact a local cat rescue or vets practice to borrow a humane cat trap for a while. A list of cat rescues, by area, can be seen in the help section of our website;

Put some flyers round the doors, as well as one in your local shops, vets practices, bus stops, lamp posts, community centres, supermarkets, etc. In fact anywhere that gets a lot of local foot traffic and you think should be relevant. Even speak to your local postman or cab driver and/or hand some flyers out (while you are walking the neighbourhood) to locals such as: dog walkers, local children. Remember your poster should include: at least 1 good picture of your cat, the area they went missing from together with your postcode, date the cat went missing, brief description, whether the cat is microchipped, best contact details, etc. A good cat picture will really help in your flyer. As a picture can speak a thousand words! Along with this, well worth asking your neighbours to open and check their garages, playhouses and sheds just in case your cat has been shut in there by mistake.

Really very worthwhile putting your cat on Missing cats in Scotland facebook page and having a regular look at the found cats section too. As they are specialists in missing/found cats. Local area facebook pages and local newspapers are also useful as they can target the local neighbourhood possibly better and people who may not be members of these cat facebook pages. Best listing your cat on as many cat rescue facebook pages as possible and share, share, share.

If your cat is microchipped let the organisation their microchip is registered with (Anibase, Pet Log or Avid) know that they are in fact missing. They may even be able to help you advertise your cat. Also ensure your cats microchip details are always kept up to date, if you move house or have a new contact telephone number.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to be re-united with your cat, eventually. Please get your cat microchipped and neutered, if they weren’t when they went missing. It all really does help believe me. As they will be less likely to stray and get lost and you will have a far greater chance of being re-united with your cat when micro-chipped, if it ever goes missing again. Some local cat rescues and Cats Protection branches can help with these procedures/treatments, if you require financial assistance with them. Last but not least, really enjoy having your whiskered family member back in the house again where he/she belongs. A house is not your home without your cat! 

Some specialised cat rescues, to also contact if you have lost or found a cat:-

Missing/Found cats in Scotland- Its a facebook page. E-mail: [email protected], Tel: 07456586853. If calling opening times are:- Mon.- Fri. 9am-6pm. Sat. 10am-6pm. Sun. 10am-3pm. Its a good idea to contact them with hopefully a picture of the cat you have found/lost. As well as checking their missing/found cats section there regularly.

Cat Concern-, E-mail: [email protected],Tel: 07938909215.

Cats Protection(Lanarkshire) lost and found cats[email protected], Tel:07814044736. There are many other Cats Protection branches in Scotland, some of them will be listed in the cat rescue listing in the Help section here too. Such as Glasgow CP Tel:-0141-779-3341, West Lothian CP Tel:-07050252203 and many more.

Lost/Missing Cats - Any lost cats will be listed here. If you wish to list a cat that you have lost here and on our facebook page, then please use the contact form, at the very end of this page.  

My baby's been missing since 7th December from Baillieston. Please help. He must be somewhere if anyone knows please let me know as I miss him so much. Mika is neutered and chipped.

Contact 01698 252-512 or [email protected]

Missing since 6 September from Cozy Glen, Crossford. Murphy is a cream Birman with chocolate ears, face and tail and white paws. He is 13 years old. Contact Helen Muir 07594 680157

MISSING CAT REWARD IF FOUND SAFE AND WELL £100. This gorgeous wee girl is still missing she is a tabby and white small cat with a multicoloured colour on she was last seen in the Kirkfieldbank area on Monday the 29th of Aug 2016. Her owners are absolutely distraught and heartbroken she is a very much loved part of the family and is missed by all. If once again I could ask for local people to check sheds and garages and keep a look out for her she is very timid to loud sudden noises and Children. If anyone knows of her whereabouts please call any of the families on 07826065421, 07901693010 or 07768782418.

Scragmog is a Maine Coon and missing from his home in Raeburn Common, Pettinain, Lanark, since 16th August. It is believed he was attacked by a greyhound. The greyhound's owner managed to get it off and the cat ran away after biting him. The lady is worried Scragmog may be injured and unable to get home. Could everyone in the area please check their gardens, sheds, garages etc. If found, please contact Isabel on 01555 870643

Lola, female leopard spotted bengal, 8yrs old, wearing a silver collar and microchipped. We haven't seen her since 7am yesterday morning which is completely out of character for her. She is very friendly and will often visit the lunch van in the layby in front of our house in Castlehill rd, Wishaw. Please call 07796554743 if you have any information. Many thanks, Shona

Missing since 29 February, from Cuthill Crescent, Stoneyburn, Dennis is a 7 year old black and white cat. If you have seen Dennis, please contact Katie Pincott 07980 348762 [email protected]

Missing since 29 December, from McMahon Drive, Newmains, Smudge is a 4 year old tabby / white male. He is microchipped. Contact Allison 07739 760266 [email protected]

Mishto was last seen on 20th October in the Coronation street area of Cambusnethan Wishaw.

All blue/grey coat with tabby stripes on tail

yellow/green eyes

small nick on one of her ears

MICROCHIPPED but no collar (chip no: 985154000256812)


Mishto is a friendly cat and comes when called, she has been known to visit neighbouring homes, so it could be someone has mistaken her for a stray. Mishto has a very distinctive coat- silky to the touch and it looks as though she has been frosted.

3 FIGURE REWARD- no questions asked.

Registered with Aminal Search UK, Cat Aware UK, Missing Pet Register UK, Anibase UK & Scanner Angel UK ‪#‎findmishto

Missing from Hadrian Terrace, Motherwell, Alfie is a 12 year old black cat with large green eyes. He is a very friendly and vocal cat who likes to have a fuss made of him. He also has a bit of a saggy tum from losing weight. It is out of character for him not to be home at night. If you have seen Alfie, please contact June Lang - [email protected]

Missing since 10 November 2015 from North Road area of Bellshill. Biscuit is a 2 year old ginger and white boy. He has 2 white front paws with white socks on his back legs and has a faded scratch on his nose. He is neutered and chipped. Contact Christine on 07539 481910 [email protected]

Missing from Fir Park area of Motherwell, Poppy is a 1 year old Tabby and was wearing a pink and black collar when last seen. She is not microchipped. If you see Poppy, please contact Samantha Hutchison [email protected]

Missing since 26 October 2015 from East Greenlees Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow, Monty is 2 1/2 years old black and white boy, with white belly and white right leg. Contact Raymond McDermott 01416417601 [email protected]

Missing since 22.07.15 from Moffatmills, Airdrie, ML6 8NW. Bailey is a long haired ginger & white boy aged 7 years. He is neutered and microchipped. Contact Nicola Scammell on 07834 828591 or [email protected]

Mollie has been missing from Drumpellier Lawns, Bargeddie, since Monday 27th July. She was last seen at about 09.30am. She is a 2 year old Tortie, is microchippled and was wearing a pink collar. If you have seen Mollie, please contact her owner, Angela Templeton - [email protected]

Missing since 15.06.15 from Longridge, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH47 8AL. Bob Weir is a black and white neutered male. He is 3 1/2 years old and is microchipped. He is very friendly. If you have seen Bob, please contact his owner, Andrea Stevenson on 07713802053

Missing since 16th May from Angus Avenue, Airdrie. Ollie black and white, chipped and neutered male, he has a very noticable black smudge on his nose. If you have seen Ollie please call his owners Ian or Fiona tel no 01236 751307

Missing since 2nd March from West George St, Coatdyke. Sammie 3 year old male ginger and white cat he is neutered and id chipped. His owner is very worried. If you have seen Sammie please call Eleanor on 01236-425547

Missing since the 4 th April from Huntley Ave, Bellshill. Tabby / white 3 year old female cat. She is spayed. Owner is very worried. If you have seen this cat please call Kenneth on 01698-326259

Loki . Missing since 3rd March from Nethven Terrace, Coatbridge. 18 month old male, champagne and white in colour. He is not neutered, not id chipped. If you have seen Loki, please call his owner Gordon on 07979972055

Pixie Missing since 21st February form Anchorhill Road, Knightswood, Glasgow. She is 9 months old, neutered and micro chipped. If you have seen Pixie please call Laura Anne on 0141-954-4818. mobile 07976550292

Robster is around 11 years and went missing from Bonnaugton area in Bearsden on 10/02/2015. He had only been here around 2 weeks as we moved a few months before but had been staying at my parents quite far away. He had been out a few times here but mainly a house cat.

He is quite shy, he has funny sticky out back paws and climb very well.

He is chipped and neutered. No collar.

He is black and white and his fur hangs quite long underneath where tummy is if you have seen Robster pls contact [email protected]

Jinxie went missing around 5pm on Friday 14th February from 142 Main Street in Overtown, Wishaw. Jinxie is 3 and half years old and is neutered. If you have seen Jinxie please call Angus on 07854192643 or 01698 293372