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Some success stories of cats we have rehomed. Please keep your feedback coming in. Thanks

Hi Diane. Just a little email to let you know that Hermione has settled in amazingly. She is the friendliest little thing we have ever seen. She is so gorgeous.

She is eating like a horse and using her litter tray like a dream. Her and Reggie are so great together. They chase each other round the living room then he will rub noses with her and kiss her.

We put her into our front room on Sunday to get her used to the environment and Reggie sat outside the door most of the night as he missed her. Arrocher took one look at her and ran upstairs to our bedroom and stays out her way. Arrocher is a grumpy cat and likes her own space. She always stayed out of Holly's way and puts up with Reggie when she has too so she is not bother at all.

I have attached a couple of photos to let you see how she is.

Kind regards


Wee Alfie has eaten well tonight (chicken) he really doesn't seem very kean on tinned will buy a wee selection n try them he has played with me for ages and is now zonked the cat tree is getting lots of scratching

Hi Diane

Oscar and Oreo are quite proficient hunters (they must have mastered spider catching at their last home) and they love a daddy long legs. They do seem to think the hens look quite tasty, fortunately we have a broody who will take no prisoners and will hopefully lay down the rules ...


Hi Diane,

Pleased to report Mia and Darcey have settled fabulously well. There's been no anxiety or hiding and both eat well. They are affectionate wee things; love getting fussed and brushed and follow you everywhere chatting away! 

Hi just wanted to drop you a wee text about George/Wallace

Been at vet for second jag all good, V happy here has one cat pal and one not so keen on him. Will take time, Can’t thank you enough for bringing us together. Rachel

Thanks karyn, that's great xx Have downloaded their forms now and added them into their folder :-) xxx Both are doing well, Jess has already chosen all her sleeping places in the house so have ordered a couple of extra beds for her including her radiator bed and a tunnel (I also do art commissions!). They are both smart kittens but she is clever and you can see the cogwheels turning in her head!. Reggie is getting some toys and a water fountain. She will grow up long before he does haahaa Will add some more photos in the next couple of weeks once I get Jess to sit still long enough (shes a wee tortie blur, always chasing something!)

Kind Regards

Suzy xxx

Jill sending you a picture of George(Ginger) and Millie. Took them 3 weeks ago from Karen to foster and within a few days fell in love with them so have adopted them. They have settled in great with Gizzie and Sox who were a year old yesterday and are brothers who were also adopted from CAT.


Cant believe our boys are nearly 2 years old.

The boys regularly play chases around the house. Merlin's favourite toy is one with feathers and a bell and Arthur loves chasing a red pointer dot.

Merlin loves sitting on a knee getting patted. Arthur not so much but is happy to sit beside you and get patted.

Thanks again for transforming them from feral kittens to the most loveable cats.

Hope you are well. The boys are getting big. Tom is the one on the garage roof as likes to wander. They love sitting in plant pots on the soft earth. They are never apart. Jerry loves to play with my step sons black Labrador pulling her ears. Mike

A Wee update on Ozzie Bear now Freddie

Just thought I would send you this photo of our Freddie. Had to chase him down off the bird table as he was chasing the birds. Loves getting in and out of the garden. Comes back in periodically just to check we are still here, purrs gets a pet, and off he goes. Such a lovely big boy who has already really managed to capture all our hearts. Thx for rescuing our Freddie.

Fondest regards Carole & Werner.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but was at work until now. Ozzy is absolutely fine, eating well, exploring and desperately wanting out. He is a lovely big boy, loves a pet and has mega loud purrs. Will send pics. :-)

Hi Karyn

Fiona thought you might like to see a wee pic of him.

He is settling in well and loves Gizzie to bits xx

The wee button surprises me all the was fairly busy here at home and I expected her to go away and hide...nope, she sat with us all the time taking everything in. Poppy was never far from her's like she protects her when I have people visiting. Darcie allowed my nephews to gently pat her which was a huge step pleased with this wee one! She loves coming up on the sofa beside me now for a cuddle...

Hope your two are behaving well?

Darcie was intrigued by the bubbles in Claire's glass of juice...this was last night..



Hi Karyn,

Just a quick update on Moby and Poppy ( Mr Mistofelees and Grizabella)

We've had them for almost 2 months now and it's like they've always been a part of the family!

We love them to bits and they rule the roost.

They seem very happy and settled, are playful and eat a lot!

They still love each other and are the sweetest gentlest cats.

They have gotten so big especially Moby.

Here is a current photo of them (Christmas Card Pose)

Thanks for all the work you and Cat's Trust do.

Valerie Laing

Hi Diane,

Just to let you know all is going much better than expected...Darcey loves my daughter Claire...I still need to bond with her which will happen I'm sure.

We didn't get much sleep as Darcey was up and down most of the night. Poppy has been quite distressed as Darcey hissed at her behind the door.

So we decided to take the bull by the horns and let them meet...unbelievable..Darcey was the one who went forward to Poppy as Poppy was frightened! Can you believe that?...the two of them are upstairs lying at opposite sides of the room as I type this...they are going to get on just fine...not sure who is going to be boss yet...might get a surprise!

Darcey has eaten well...she loves the cat milk and ate all her biscuits during the night. I tried her with some of Poppy's cat food and has eaten that as well. So all good here!

So, so pleased.



Hi Karyn

Just to let you know Coco, now Gizzie, is settling in well.

The difference in him these last few days is amazing!

He is sitting with us and is enjoying watching the birds in the garden form the safety of the patio doors.

He has brought us so much joy.



Hi Karyn,

The kitties are now named Poppy for the girl and Moby for the boy.

They've settled so well and are relaxed and very loved. They have the run of the house and love chasing each other about, lazing by the fire and cuddles. They are the best!!

I will call the vet today to make an appoint for their booster.

Here are a couple more photos with Moby doing his best meerkat impression.

Thanks again for all the work you do.

Best Wishes


Hello Aunty Karyn

We're all ok. In fact our new mummy thinks we are enjoying our new found playground and getting out now.

We are coming happily and eating in front of her, even rolling!

(Picture of Rusty but he also has playmates Robbie and Rocky)

Hi Karyn just a quick update and a couple of photos. They have both settled very well. They just love attention and we love them!

We will have new names for them this week hopefully.

Here are a couple of photos. The wee girl is a bit more shy and likes the wardrobe but stills comes around to us in the living room. We’re hoping they’ll come and sleep on the bed with us eventually.

Thanks again for all your help.


Otis and Boo aka Benny and Pedro ..

Getting on great and really growing up fast now.

Bye for now and thanks Karyn

I've attached a pic of Sandy (Tosh), he is now 1 yrs old and just the best cat ever. He is keeping well and is still cheeky but ever so cute with it. Hamish and Sandy play well together and I howl with laughter at their antics at times. He is just delightful and I am so lucky to have him.

Linda x 

Nero previously known as Pierre

These two are the best of friends now, thank goodness. Lots of playing, grooming and cuddling going on all the time.

It is so sweet. They are lovely together. First few days were a bit feisty but it didn't take long. Nero is such a lovely little thing and Timmy is a big softie. What a purr the little one has on him!


Hi Karen,

Just sending you an update on Cooper, he now stays with Kayleigh's granny which is a very nice wooded area, he has a friend next door and is very happy. Kayleigh couldn't love him any more he gets lots of cuddles..

Evelyn young

Hi Diane. Just a couple of photos to show a very chilled out Reggie. One lying in sun and the other asleep on my legs. He has settled in so well. My 2 year old cat rubs her nose on him and they lie on my bed. She occasionally gives him a growl when he wants to jump on her but all is good. The 5 year old is taking a bit longer but she just keeps out his way. It will come in time.

Reggie is such a cutie. We love him to bits

Carol xx

I've been meaning to send you some pictures of Marley now (aka Blueberry), he's 3 now and doing great.

Here’s a lovely photo of Princess Tina in the garden Where she’s looking away, she spotted a bird and started opening and closing her mouth and making the funny noises cats make when the see a bird.

So lovely to see her so happy.

We received this lovely message from Austin today

"I'm not sure if you remember me but you really helped my partner and myself a couple of years ago with wee Maisie. I know it was a long time ago but we've never forgotten what you've done for us. Maisie is such a big part of our lives now and can't imagine live without her. We now have a house with a back garden surrounded by a fence. So although she is an indoor cat we let her out for a few hours everyday . Thanks again"

She is just lovely. Thank you for the update. Jill

This is Pablo & Timmy (previously Peanut & Pecan)

They were desperate to get out into the garden! They were neutered a while ago so are ok to go out in the garden now. I also bought trackers for their collars in case they wander or in case they get trapped in a garage or shed. I'd hopefully find them much easier with the trackers.

We love our gorgeous boys to bits!!

Thanks again

Lovely to hear how these lovely boys are getting on

Hi Fiona,

Hope you are all well and the cats too! Is Ollie doing well?

Just to say the boys are doing fab, Pepper has got them well trained now! They are brilliant wee dudes, happy to cuddle all day but they haven't quite grown out of clawing up your legs yet unfortunately. They are still best buds and love chasing each other around then having a big snooze together. They are also both rather fond of the fruit bowl!

Hi Everyone,

Look how I have grown! I am very happy here and I am at the moment waiting on the birds coming to say hello I love watching them with my sisters. They fuss over me all the time and I don't really need to clean myself as they do it for me.....result! 😸.

I love everything and purr 24/7. I still crawl up Mummy's legs for a cuddle I hope I dont hurt her!.

Mummy is making Chicken in the oven and she said we can have some so After I have chatted to the birds I will go and sit at the oven to make sure its still in there.

Thanks for saving me ladies


Oliver 🐾

Charlie took his first visit into the garden today.

We bought him a wee harness and lead to make sure he was safe. He was a bit overwhelmed by all the sounds and smells and seemed to prefer to be up in my arms. I took him for a wander round the garden and he enjoyed watching the birds flying overhead.

He was quite relieved to be back inside but at least he now knows where his big sister Cassie goes to through the cat flap.

One paw at a time for Charlie😺

A big thank you too due to everyones help which has allowed us this kitten; Sandy(aka Tosh) to be rescued. He continues to grow and thrive in a loving home whilst pestering the life out of his older brother, Hamish. Who was also a rescue cat 8 years ago. Linda.  

Hi Karen, l hope you are well and that you had a lovely Christmas?

Hard to believe but it was a year ago that we added Pete to our home!

He is such a character and loved by all.

Thank you.


Millie, Molly + Alfie(who we got from you previously). We have had a great Xmas + New Year. Loved the Xmas tree + empty boxes the best 😂. So happy they have settled in from day one. Can't imagine them not being here now.

Hi Karyn

Had a fab Christmas and New Year, hope you did also. Louie had a great time also, particularly with the Christmas tree! Got lots of presents, but is still fascinated with pieces of paper lol! He's doing absolutely great, taking him into work with me tomorrow to get his second vaccination injection!

This was his wee face all guilty after he had destroyed the Christmas tree!


Wee update - Previously Peanut & Pecan

Happy New Year from Pablo and Timmy! (adopted a month ago).

These boys are doing great 😺 xx

This is Luna previously Tabitha

Right at home xx

Luna has settled in really well. She loves cuddling up to you in bed at night lol.

Yeah they're getting there. They eat together and sometimes sleep in the same bed but it depends how Princess(who we got from you last year) feels lol xx

This is my beautiful Raven who I adopted from Cat Action Trust. She is now 7 months old. She loves to play with her big sister Ruby and her big brother Jaz. They have such fun together and really love each other. I would like to thank all at Cat Action Trust for the wonderful work you do with all the kitties, and especially Diane Litterick for all she has done for us. Wishing everyone a happy new year when it comes!


Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Oscar's second Christmas with us and my how he has grown. He is a real character and doing really well. He spends the day outside in the back garden so has lots of fun, freedom and stimulation. He is a real gem and a good friend to peaches, our other cat now 17.

Thanks again for all you care for cats who are in need.

Best wishes

Nick, Alan, Oscar and Peaches 

Merry Christmas Diane.

Hope you have a lovely time.

Buddie is already enjoying his first Christmas as you can see! 🎄🎅🏼


Hi Fiona,

Hope Ollie is doing well?

That's us got an email to say the microchips are now registered for both boys thanks.

Kittens are both doing well, they are both such wee snugglers.

They are both lovely characters and Pepper is starting relax a bit more around them, so hopefully they'll all be friends soon!

This is Felix......

New sewing assistant, he's great he's helping to hold the fabric down.....!! My best pal!!

Nearly one year later, here's wee Ebony on the right. Not so small now still can be unsociable, but she loves Buddy. But still won't sit on my knee to be petted, but that's not a problem. She purrs when I feed her We have another edition in a dog now. She is wary of him, but try's to ignore him, they don't fight so that's good

We love her as much now as we did a year ago she's a wee doll

Thank you for letting me have her!!

Vicki xx

These little cuties are Cocoa & Luna recently rehomed.

They are getting spoilt rotten. great fun and wrecking the Christmas Tree!


Hi Karyn

Don't know if you remember us but we adopted Princess from you this February.

Everyone has fallen in love with her and she is fantastic with the children.

It's wonderful to see as she had a real bad start.

We're thinking of adopting another kitten as a playmate for her as she become so loving.

I thought I would ask you as you were fantastic with us and with Princess.

We're in no hurry.. if any come in please remember us.

Thank you so much

Take care

Maria xx

Hi There

Here is Peanut now Pablo and Pecan now Timmy.

They are both doing great and loving all the cuddles and attention.

They have settled right in now.

Thanks Carolyn

Hi Diane,

Charlie is getting bigger by the week. We've realised his ears are bigger than Cassie's so it looks like he'll be a big boy. How is Olaf? I hope he is recovering and adapting well. Here's a photo of Charlie charming Cassie

You can see from this how much he's grown. 

Hi Karyn

Just thought I'd give you a wee update on Mouse(aka Brazil)!

She has now met both dogs and they are suitably wary of her. She had a hissy fit at first because they bounded over, but that was because they were interested in the chicken treat on offer! They all settled pretty quickly and she slept on me with Luna the dog nearby last night - she even had a cheeky sniff up close while Luna was sleeping.

She seeks out cuddles and rubs up against me, so she's seeing me as part of her family.

This morning I saw her sleeping on a chair instead of behind her bed, and scaling the clothes horse, so I think it's safe to say she's getting into the swing of things now. Thank you very much for all you're help.She's a wee treasure! I will update with more and some pictures as we go..


My name is Molly.

I'm looking forward to my 2nd Xmas in my newish home. I just love being here! Love from Molly!

I was found straying In Braidwood with my 2 kittens before being rescued by CAT Lanarkshire.

Hi Karyn

Just a wee update to let you know we have decided to call Cashew - Minnie.

It's unbelievable how well she is doing, it didn't take her long to come out of the cat carrier and

she is currently snuggled up on my knee purring away.

We're absolutely delighted!

Many thanks Lisa

As you can see Yoko(aka Chrystal) is getting settled in for the winter! She's really friendly, grown some and has recovered fully from the eye infection.


This wee kitten was from a nearby feral colony and was in a real state when she came into CAT Lanarkshire, along with 12 other very poorly sibling kittens.  

Hi, Karyn,

Hope you remember Andy and me - you kindly rehomed Oscar kitten for us in Sept 2015 after we found him by the roadside.

We hope he's doing well. We still think of him a lot. I've made a wee Christmas donation of £50.00 via PayPal again for the wee ones you have just now.

If you ever hear from his new "parents", do tell them we think about him, and send him our love.

Have a good Christmas yourself.

Kind regards


How lovely to see this picture of Oscar - he has been with us now for just over a year see we adopted him from karyn's care. He and is an absolute wee gem - we are pretty certain that he is a maine coon cat, he loves water, chirrups/ is very chatty, and is unbelievably fluffy. Attached are some photos of him, with his 'sister' peaches (she is 18). They get on very well and hang out together lots. Oscar (and he is still called Oscar) lives in the west end of Glasgow, with a large communal walled garden that he goes out into every day. Send our regards to Gail and Andy, and to Karyn.

Hi auntie Fiona, We went for our jag last night. Mummy had a bit of a problem getting us in the box, in fact we both gave her a wee scratch, we didn't really mean too, but we got a wee bit scared.

We were good in the car and in the vets, we just sat in our cat box and the nice vet gave us our jag and we didn't move or scratch him, weren't we good. They said we were lovely girls, but we knew that anyway :-) Mummy's busy getting ready to go out, so we thought we would message you instead.

We're very clever girls. We are settling in well, even letting mummy and daddy pet us.

Alfie is great, we run up and down the hall chasing each other, it's great fun.

Well we better go, as mummy's gonna put more dinners out for us.

Thank you for letting us come and stay here, we love our furever home.

Meows, Purrs + a few scratches

Molly + Millie xxx P.S. We're in love with Alfie Claws, but don't tell anyone ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Diane

Thank you for letting us adopt Charlie. (He is the wee tabby & white kitty)

We are delighted with him and how Cassie has accepted him. We couldn't have hoped for anything more. He has a lovely nature and just wants to be loved which is such an easy thing to do:). He is a clever wee one and knows how to charm us all.

Please do pass on this photo and our thanks to everyone for all their hard work to get Charlie to where he is now. 

Hi Diane,

The kittens are settling in great - really coming out of their shells and having loads of fun. My son if getting on with them really well - he likes a wee 10 minute play but then leaves them alone to get on with their own play which is great.

He decided to keep their names much the same so they are Pavo and Polo (we shortened it from Apollo).

Pavo is a real little character and loves his cuddles. Polo a little more cautious but getting bolder every day. 


I’m Princess Tina and was living with Roslyn in Coatbridge before moving to my new home in Hamilton. I was nervous at first and hid away in a corner for two weeks before becoming more confident and moving out of my corner.

I have a feline companion Louis who is teaching me how to play. He’s so patient with me, as I can’t resist running up to him and giving him a friendly pat.

I have turned quite vocal, as it gets me attention. I love my food, but my new family are watching my intake in case I put on too much weight.

I am also a bit of a ‘diva’ as my owners tell me, but I don’t care so long as they run after me. After all, I am a Princess!

Hi, just a wee update on Sapphire, originally fostered by Fiona, who was lovely to deal with and we still keep in touch. From being rather shy and quiet when we brought her home, Sapphire has turned into quite a character. She still doesn't lie on my knee but loves to be beside us on a cushion or on the bed. Her furry cat bed is next to my pillow and she knows when lights go out she goes straight into her bed.

After a hissy, spitting start, she now gets on great with my dads dog and is intrigued by the guinea pig (Gnasher) and our new arrival Mr Bobby Fuzzypants (hamster).

She loves to catch our feet especially from under the bed, and has destroyed the laces on a pair of boots and trainers, she also loves sticking her head in my slipper then running along the floor. Her most recent antic the other night ..... I had gone up the loft to get halloween stuff, turned round and she was climbing the loft ladder .... into everything!! Thank you so much for allowing me to have my fur baby, she is the best.                   

Hi Mum

This is Felix, yes I'm keeping my name. My new family just love me. I'm being a very good boy.

Thank you for taking care of me.

Don't you think I look cute in this photo?

Love from Felix.

Yes, most definitely looks cute!

We adopted Merlin and Arthur when they were 4 months old.The boys have settled in really well and feels like they've been apart of our family for ages not just a couple of weeks. Can't thank Fiona enough who transformed these 2 feral kittens (who hissed and spat) into 2 friendly loving kittens who love being petted and played with. First time we've adopted from Cat Action Trust and its been a very positive experience.

Another fantastic result. Adorable wee kittens.

Hi Karyn,

Just to let you know that Jinx has settled in really well. She's got the full run of the house now day and night and has already chosen a few favourite places for a nap! She's enjoying taking in the view out of the french doors and I'm sure will be ready to venture outdoors in another week or two.

Vegas and Jinx are getting on reasonably well, much better than i'd expected by this stage. Alistair is very protective of her and makes sure all visitors know to be very gentle with her! We're all smitten with her and she very much feels like one of the family already.

You've done a great job Karyn, she really is a lovely cat with a great wee personality and temperament.

Wishing you every success in your charity endeavours.

Best regards, Lynda

Hi Karyn

I hope you are well.

I thought I would send you a picture of Luna in case you wanted it for your website. She is very happy with us and still enjoys running riot in the house. All our friends love her. She is always a bit apprehensive with new people in the house but warms up afterwards....

Anyway thanks again.

Euan and Joanne

Fab photo!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for suggesting Buddie (formerly Taz!) and putting me in touch with Diane.

Diane has been amazing all through the process and we can't thank her enough. She'd obviously given him a fantastic start. He's such a gorgeous wee boy and full of love and fun. It's not even been a week and already we can't imagine life without him!

Thank you to everyone at Cat Action Trust - you all do an amazing job.

Here are some photos so you can see how happy Buddie is in his new home!

Best regards


What a fantastic result for a lovely wee boy!

Hi, here are some pictures of Ringo. He's settling in really well. Thanks a milion. Karyn

Hi Karyn, as promised here is some pictures to show you how quickly Ivy and Esme have settled in. The older cats are actually just looking at them and run away when the little bundles come running to them. Wee Ivy even has the courage to walk sideways up to the biggest cat.

Just wanted to send you a picture of Charley and George on their 1st Birthday. I got these wee rascals in September and just love them so much.

George is so funny the way he just flops to the floor and does rolly pollys.

Charley is a wee Princess who just loves to meow!

They have both got their own personalities and are so much fun.........Happy Birthday Babies. Fi

He's great, he's still seperated from the dog, buy they are getting used to one another slowly. Mog now Ziggy stays upstairs and Flynn downstairs. Ziggy is a big sweetie. He got his booster yesterday. He's not wanting to go outside yet, but he loves company and sits besides me as I paint. 

These two cats: Olaf and Elsa have just been homed. They were part of a very sad case of 28 cats in a colony. Not feral cats, no, but they had been treated, as if they were. Now Elsa and Olaf are being spoilt rotten in their new home with a lovely caring lady owner, Diane(who now also fosters for us) and it's just what the cat doctor ordered!!

I just thought I would send you a wee e-mail to let you know how wee Chibi(aka Vimto) is getting along. You will remember when we first got Chibi, in November, she was so very timid. It took us almost a week to stroke her with chicken in hand. It took a while longer to hear her purr and have her knowingly let us stroke her! Oh how things have changed now. She has become the most friendliest snuggliest and cheekiest little cat there is!!

We have recently moved house and she is now able to get outside. Its like a big playground to her and my does she like to play! There are some neighbour cats who have become best friends with her and so she is always out playing with them. However at night and in the mornings, she loves nothing better than to snuggle under the duvet with me, purring away. She is particularly fond of being under blankets for afternoon naps too.

Anyway, I have attached this photo, so you can see how big(her ears) have grown!

Hope things are well with you? Take care Rebecca.  

Hello remember me.... beautiful Belle. A year ago I adopted a family and another big boy Mickey above from Mousemill(see him below). We all love each other to death and I'm glad I decided on this family. I moved in before Mickey and stamped my authority on the best chair. Mickey however had been a stray and therefore had no social skills, so he helped himself to my chair. Nice eh? Mickey became my pupil and I have taught him manners, although he was a keen pupil and improved beautifully. I also became Mickeys pupil and he taught me to fight. It comes in handy when I have to chastise him. We are always together. We've got a big garden with many trees to climb and millions of places to hide. Dad made us bolt holes in the fence, so we can get back into the garden in hurry. So we chase each other in and out of them. It's great fun! Well Diego(see below again) also moved in with us and he helped himself to my sleeping quarters in Vivienne's bed! Here we go again I thought..

Here's Mickey now...My mum and dad call me Wee Bossy Belly Button. Do you know if I stay out until 4am my mum still waits up for me? Vivienne plays with me all the time. She told me if I get lost I've to go to a policeman and show him my tag or if I'm near Asda ask them to scan me. Anyway a few months after we came here another boy Diego(see below), aged 7,arrived. His mummy had died and he had been shunted to 2 other homes prior to finding us, which really didn't work out for him. So my mum and took him to live with us. Well Diego is a spoilt wee boy and I do not like that guy....I love wee Belle though.. Love from Wee Belly Button (The Boss).

Hi, its finally Diego here... I've settled in here and having a fabulous time, but because Mickey doesn't like me too much my mum and dad have to operate a rota system for us to go outside.We both get on well with beautiful Belle though. Anyway, it's cheerio from wee beautiful Belle, goodbye from him(the boss) and adios from San Diego(my Sunday Name).

Hi Karyn, Just thought you would like a wee update on Fifi(aka Felicity). She is now having a well earned rest after helping me with work on my laptop. She has the complete run of the house and totally spoiled. She is an absolute wee cutie. Bye for now. Marie.

Layla(aka)Millie is doing excellent. We love her so much. She is very playful and calm, the perfect cat for us. Thanks Jack.

Just to say Princess is doing really well and looking fab. She's started going outside, which she loves. She's the best thing ever. x  

Ebony is a wee doll who is just at home here now and so cheeky lol. I wish I could take more cats, but thats pushing it with hubby lol. But I must say he actually likes her, he pets her and talks to her, unlike any other cat I have had.

I will keep sending you pictures from time to time.

Cheers Karyn

Karyn, Happy New to you from Nick and Alan and the delightful Oscar who is growing up into a lovely wee chap. So inquisitive and affectionate. A real gem - he is well loved and enjoying his new life. Thanks for rescuing him and for rehoming him with us.

All the best for 2016 and keep up the good work! Nick  

Can you make Magic out? He's so chilled out he's melted into the middle of the couch!!

They are lovely cats. Magic following us around at times. Lily is shyer, but eventually got up on the couch and has now eaten and drank. You'd think Magic had always been here...

Here is a picture of Twinkle(aka Mia) on our bed which seems to be her favourite place. Lisa 

Just a little update and photo of our terrific cats that we got from your rescue centre. They are the most loving, caring kittens. They eat well, love cuddles and here is them playing with a game Santa brought them. I can't thank you enough for allowing us to adopt them.

Milo is a big boy who is the size of a small tiger but still timid kind and doesn't like walking on the stones.

Pippa is more curious and loves being brushed with her new furminator.

Thanks again


Hi Karyn and the CAT Lanarkshire team, This is an update on the wee boy Sam that you gave us back in July. Sam is now named Leo and is doing very well.

This is a picture of him with his favourite person in the house. It is undoutedly Eve, who loves him dearly.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas...Jill, Steven, Michael and Eve Griffiths. 

Thanks so much Karyn, this wee guy is doing really great. Going for his first vaccination and micro-chipping next week. Loves the dog. Just love him to bits!! Many thanks Camille. 

Hi Karyn, hope this finds you well? Just wanted to update you on the not so little ones! They are doing so well and all the hard work is paying off. We have two very loving kittens! I sat down for 5 mins this morning to have a cuppa and this happened.TThanks for all the advice, it really kept us going..

Hi Karyn. He's now called alfie. He's settling in well. He fell asleep on my back lol....He's been playing and running around. Charlie's been great with Alfie, but Kiko's got the jealous head on. But I am sure that will change soon. Alfie had a wee bit to eat, but really just playing and exploring at the moment. I will keep you updated.

Hi Karyn, Well here we are only on day 2 and Zeke(aka Twizzell) is surely making herself at home - it really does not take them long to suss things out!! She has the free run of the house so has checked it all out. Incredibly she is almost a clone of our previous cat and has picked out the same spots to lie about in and loves playing on the stairs,just like Zeke did.

She is an absolute smasher and we will take good care of her - think she knows already how lucky she is.

Thanks you for all your help and for looking after her and all the good work you do on behalf of the homeless cats. Kind Regards Fiona.

Hi Karyn, Smarty is settling in with us no problems at all, he's now playing with his toys and enjoying life in our home. We couldn't have got a better cat. He's so placid and we are all enjoying him living with us.

Rebecca even dressed up as a cat for 2 Halloween Parties.

Thanks You. Catriona. 

10 months to the day since I picked up Molly the wee stray cat. She's brilliant. Thanks so much. How beautiful is she? ...

Hi Karyn, they are settling in really well, even started purring. Handling is getting there day by day, we're just taking things at their pace. The little one is called Thor and the larger Loki. I am so glad their sister got a home! Been thinking about her. Hopefully a happy ending for all of the little ones! I've joined your facebook group too, soI can put updates on there as well. No need to thank us, thanks to u guys for the work you do and bringing them into our lives. Will be in touch.

Hi Karyn, she is doing great. I am taking her to the vet on Friday so I'll let you know about the chip. She loves our other cat Gizmo, who is becoming increasingly tolerant of her and she's slowly getting more comfortable with us all. She's very playful and this is making Gizzy, who was old and lazy, much more playful. Its like he has a new lease of life! She has slept on the bed with us a few nights and as I write she is climbing on my lap for the first time. I can't believe the difference a week makes and I think she'll be jumping up for cuddles every time we sit down before long. We're delighted she's part of the family....

Hey Karyn, Nice to hear from you. They have totally settled in and wee George (male) is already growing much faster than Charley (female). They are eating well and both enjoy playing with us and also each other (took me a while to get used to that as I thought it looked like they were fighting lol)

They are getting as many cuddles as they will allow us to give. Charley is still a little shy, although once you have her she is happy to be petted.

Overall they are being loved dearly and I absolutely adore them 😍

Hi Karyn

Just let you know that Olly has settled in well. Immediate friend and playmate with Buster! Just wonderful. Thank you so much. Sheila

Hi Karyn. He is an absolute gem. He is a bundle of energy and super affectionate. Been eating, playing, using his litter tray, a wee dear. The other cat not too happy but taking it slowly. Have set up Oscar in the study with all his food, litter and toys. I stayed with him last night in there and he slept under my arm.

Thank you again-cannot believe someone would abandon him. 

Hi Karyn, Mitten(aka Suzy) and Homer are best of friends now. Lorraine.x

Hi Anne,

Holly has been with me for two weeks now and is right at home. She is not the least bit timid and is great with the boys. A real treasure and we all love her



I'm glad you like Junior's portrait. It was entered in a Local Art Display

and everyone commented on it. 2 copies of it were sold for Charity, and

Junior has become Quite A Star. I'm so glad to have Him to Love and Cherish.

Today is the Anniversary of his Pre-Decessor, Wee Zed. I so missed having a

cat to love I had to take Junior from your Sanctuary. I'm so glad I did, because

he is a terrific companion, and has settled really well with me.

So you can enter all His pics and whatever I say about Him in your Success Book,

I definitely Love and Look After this Wee Man really well.

Thanks Ann, for my Wee Darling Junior xx

Just wanted to let you know that Milo and Pippa are settling well and are even sleeping in their new beds. Thanks for all your help today.

Thank you so much Karyn for trusting me to have Callum. I think his time with you and that you allowed him the space that he needs was the making of him.From there to go on to a no cat zone seems to have suited him.He is SUCH a lovely boy.Admittedly he is not always very nice to visitors! Recently having worked late into the next day making Christmas soaps.. When I woke there was Callum cuddled up beside me. When I was getting ready for the day he discreetly cuddled into the back of my big collie boy and got away with it! He has changed his routine here a bit and spends more time awake and involved during the day. He is such a special cat and gets up to endless larks..Rolling about singing loudly in the bath. Charging out and stopping goats just as they are coming into the barn – fearless!. Sitting just inside the workshop with a que of dogs respectfully waiting outside for permission to enter! That said he does not provoke the dogs and is very relaxed with them. Just reminds them who is boss time to time. Running with the dogs when we are in the fields, dashing up tree trunks. Clipping sheep with him "helping" has certainly been interesting and slowed things down somewhat! I hope all is well with you Karyn. You are so good at cat rescue and knowing who to pair up with who!

Sally is doing great!! What a sweetheart!! We all adore her and even Leah our other cat is coming round.. So many thanks Dawn.

Just a wee update- thank you for the most beautiful cat. Molly is doing really well and loves her new home. She's been with me for 6 months.,All the kids in the street love her too and she's a bit of a local star. She stays out all day now and comes in at teatime for the night.

Apart from being very greedy and waking at 5.15am she is perfect!


Hi Clare, That's so strange ..yes we are calling him Jake ..he is great he is playing with Parker and Gracie is mothering him ..Leo is a moody cat ..but he is ok ..he does not mix too much with the others, but he is 10, so I don't think he can be bothered ..we introduced him slowly to the other cats ..and now they are playing fine ..will keep sending you pics and will let you know how he is doing ..we all love him .

These were two very feral kitties.....Sparka and Mocha(aka Peaches and Cookie) are so happy and spend most of the time playing outdoors. They know where home and hearth are and both will now sneak onto our laps for meaty treats...

Hi Clare, the boys are settling in just fine. I've attached a couple of photos.

Still fighting with each other, or chasing each other most of the time, as mad as a box of frogs lol, but quite happy. Voracious appetites both, eating everything we put in front of them.

We (not them) were at the vets today and registered them and they have their first appointment on Saturday for a quick check-up, and possibly their first vaccinations.

And yes we have decided on their names:- Stuart is now known as Thor and Bob is now known as Loki. 2 legendary brothers lol. Many thanks again, Scott :)

Hello Karyn. Just a quick note to let you know that Sabah is thriving and has turned into a lovely adult cat. She has the sweetest nature and makes friends with everyone she meets, she has been known to pop into our next door neighbours house, but she is not a pest! She chooses her friends carefully. Most of all though she loves her garden and loves to hunt. Being smallish and very fast she is quite the expert. We both love this little cat and will always feel very privileged to have her. She's a very beautiful cat and I think this picture captures it. Hope you are well? Maureen

Aww, thanks. Katie is doing very well - she's claimed all of our blankets as her own! She's eating well and has even slept on the end of our bed the last 2 nights. Katie is an absolutely lovely cat. She's settling in well and has quickly become the princess of our house!

Hi Anne.

Just to let you know Millie's really settled in and made herself at home! She's been jumping around the place being nosey and not shy at all! Really cuddly too and sleeps on top of me every night.


Max(aka Mac) is settling in well. He is going outside now and coming back in. This is him sleeping on the back of the sofa just now. Rhona.

I was just visiting your website and wanted to get in touch. I’ve made a paypal donation of £50 which I hope will help towards the new cattery. Eight years ago I adopted the most beautiful tabby and white kitten from you. Her name was Purdy and I just adored her. Sadly she passed away and I was completely and utterly broken hearted. It was one of the lowest points in my life. About six weeks later I adopted Heidi and Coco from the same lady in Airdrie. I was still grieving but those two mischievous kittens found their way 

into my heart and made me smile again. They will be seven years old in April and are more precious to me than I could possibly say. I often visit your website and only wish I could offer a home to all of the lovely cats that come into your care. You are doing a great job. Best Wishes, Lynsey

Thank you ever so much for this tremendous cat Taylor. She's gorgeous.

Max and Eric and Ernie are all getting on really well. Eric and Ernie are growing like mad and up to all sorts of mischief! Max is like their big brother and they absolutely adore him. Like all big brothers, he sometimes needs to get away from them!

All the best and many thanks for my little gremlins!


The lovely cat(Cavalli) we got from you a few months ago has really settled here - he's best pals with our black cat and they lie in the sun together. They even share their food.

He's catching mice and rabbits every day now and must feel as if he's won the lottery! :o)

I've attached a photo of him snoozing in the stables with BlackBerry.



Mickey and Belle have both settled in and are enjoying playing in the house together and sharing meals. Yesterday both experienced their first outing around the garden, separately of course. We had collected gravel from their litter trays and spread this around the garden perimeter, both inside and outside, and at the bolt holes in the fence and house doors. Both Mickey and Belle immediately followed their scent and spent a considerable time reading the hedges, climbing trees, jumping on top of, and walking along fences. Mickey even chased off two cat intruders from his garden. Today Mickey has spent most of the day in his garden, checking in every so often. He has exhausted himself and is now sound asleep in his bed. Belle also spent a considerable time in her garden, jumped 1.83 metre high fencing, walked gracefully along the top, jumped onto the garage roof, then the shed roof before chasing after the birds. 

3 months ago today we brought wee Henry home. Thank you. We love him so much. Here's a wee picture of him taken today. Julie x

Just a wee update Karyn. Fiffi(aka Felicity) doing great. Totally spoiled. Loves her chicken and ham cold meat and treats..Sleeps under the quilt every night with me and lies on top of me every morning and gets totally petted. What a purr-er. Sits on the bathmat every morning while I shower then gets into the bath. She follows me everywhere. Think she is happy and settled. XX

Hello Anne, Attached are a couple of photos of Belle. She's a wee poser.

This morning Belle got us up early, used her litter tray, and spent the day playing, observing the views from the windows and slept on the bed of her choice. She is such a lively cat. We tried Belle with some freshly cooked chicken, some wet Whiskas and some of the dry biscuits that you gave us yesterday but we haven't seen her eat yet. Because she is a light eater she may very well have taken a tiny morsel without us noticing. It may also be that because of her moving home, she is still a little stressed. I'll try to tempt Belle with some freshly cooked salmon that I'm having for my dinner and Sandra is preparing a haddock for Belle. Hopefully that'll work. Kind Regards, William, Sandra & Vivienne

Hi Anne, Just to let you know that Eli(aka Leroy) has settled in well and is getting on fine with existing cats and dogs. He plays away with 18-month-old Mavis, and the two of them are giving our older two cats some peace. He's very sweet and cuddly and getting more confident by the way. We love him, thank you so much for allowing us to give him a home!

Karyn I thought you might like to see Molly outside as she has now had all her jags and is allowed out! She loves the garden and she goes out after her dinner every night during the week. She doesn't go far and returns every half hour or so to make sure she's not missing any food. She is still very greedy but lovely.

We don't have a cat flap yet but will get one soon. She's looking forward to the lighter nights. I love having her around and the vet thought she was doing well. Ann

I've attached a wee pic of Marley(aka Blueberry), he's getting big and is such a lovely boy, we just love him to bits. Marley was a feral kittie that came into our care with cat flu and ear mites and he must just be about a year old now here. 

Thank you so much as you can see from the video and pics Olivia is over the moon!!! She is totally in love already 💖🐾🐾 we will definitely keep in touch and let you know how the girls are getting on. Olivia has named them Wolfie (fluffy) and Lola 😍

Having Adopted Junior 3 wks tomorrow, I decided it was time to give him some

freedom. It has been 3 of the most enjoyable and comical weeks for me.

I left him to explore the house last night, and let him into my bedroom.

I don't know who was more surprised this morning! I woke at 6am with a furry lump

in my bed beside me. Junior had managed to get under the duvet and snuggle in

with me. Never has a male been so welcome in my bed! He loves his new bed.

He is so friendly, cuddly and gorgeous, I love him so much.

One of our rehomed kitties is a hero!

Angus was really unsettled earlier and crying really loudly (this is what he does when he wants out to the birds). He went out and wanted in right away. He bumped against Michael and gave him a wee nip and Michael thought he wanted fed so went into the kitchen to feed him. The kitchen was full of smoke as Michael had left the frying pan on! The smoke detector didn't go off for some reason but Angus was definitely trying to tell us. Now that the smoke has cleared, he's lying on the couch beside us! Amazing or what?

Here is a photo I took just 5 mins ago of who you called TJ(the black hand reared kitten in special cases), as you can see he is a lazy wee monkey who thinks he owns the place, but nevertheless very happy. Happy new year Karen and Colin

Hi Karyn, We adopted Poppy(aka Felix) in November and he is now the boss of our house. Loves getting out to play but always on our knees when he is inside having a rest. He's getting more confident with new people and loves anybody who will play with him and tickle his tummy. At his last check up his vet said he doing great and we all couldn't be happier.

Best wishes and so many thanks, Debs and Roy

We are asked for news of Cat Liath, the grey cat of Auchindrain, by the kind CAT people who had rescued him from homelessness before he moved here to the Auchindrain Museum earlier this year.

Here he is with our Freya, having his photo taken. He has settled here excellently well. He keeps our office building clear of mice, and often goes to make friends with the museum's visitors. Just perfect for all concerned and so friendly. 

Dear Karyn, Just a wee update on the progress of my princess Zazzle(aka Primrose). She has now mastered the ins and outs of the catflap and has become a lady about town. Still only after dark mostly but we'll get there during the day when the summer comes as she follows me about if I go in the back garden in daylight. As a result the litter tray is no longer required. She keeps me on my toes in the morning when she wants a lot of attention as she has figured out that if she positions herself on my laptop I can't get any work done. I find myself working later in the evening to compensate but it's definitely worth it to get involved with her antics. This morning it was a rolled up bit of paper that I had to keep throwing for her to leap up and try to catch. She is now enjoying a well-earned rest in a box at my feet. She is so sweet and funny and clever and we are so thankful we brought her home. Regards Audrey

Hi Karyn....He's very much one of the family. He loves his comforts and always finds the cosiest part of the house to relax. Monty our dog gets on great with Loki(aka Blitzen)and likewise. There has been no problems and after one or two weeks he's sitting on our laps loving the attention. So no scratches just lots of fun. I think he will be a house cat, we have no plans to let him outside, yes he's family and from someone who has always had dogs Loki is fab, great, wonderful...So Many thanks The Lang family......

Hi, Morgan & Kato(the black cat) we got these from Karyn at 8 weeks old.

Now just 9 months they are both into everything! We love them both to bits.

Many thanks and regards,Hazel & Gordon Hoggan

I thought I'd email with an update about the cat we adopted from you just under a year ago He is amazing. A wee cheeky radical. We've managed to calm him down a bit and doesn't attack anymore. He is still super affectionate and is constantly cuddling and following us from room to room. He is now fully grown, still quite small but heavy!!. The vets did discover he has a bit of a heart condition cardiomyopathy which is quite rare for his age but it doesn't seem to effect him. Anyway, we are happy. He is happy.

Selina and Smokie - Hi they've settled in wonderfully! They were playing happily within half an hour of arrival and they now have the run of the place and follow me everywhere.

Thanks again, I'm absolutely in love!

Hi Anne, As promised, although apologies for being a bit late, I have attached some pictures of Gwen & Parker for you to see how they are coming alone and how they have changed. They have both had their 2nd jag now and the vet was delighted with both of them and the progress that Gwen has made in putting on the beef lol. She is a real live wire and is completely bonkers!!!! She uses me as the worlds biggest scratch post and I have a lovely collection of scratches throughout my body. Parker is a big laid back boy but he doesn't get any peace from you know who ha ha. They are such good fun and our house is certainly a lot noisier since we got them but we definitely wouldn't be without them. Although my Christmas tree is taking a bit of pounding and I keep finding decorations in strange places lol. Love Pamela, Sophie and Callum xxx

Hi Karyn, Dasher is fitting in very well to the Henry household. The kids live him to bits. He is beginning to relax as you can see from the photos attached. We have decided to leave him as Dasher as the name really suits him.

We have had a lovely, very busy Christmas so far, and the wee fellow has coped well with all the people coming and going. Thank You so much.

Karyn, Peanut(aka Dancer) has settled in really well and is very much part of the family now. Thank you so much.

Karyn, Peanut(aka Dancer) has settled in really well and is very much part of the family now. Thank you so much.

Tabby Hamish and Fluffy playing in the snow. They get on so well. A far cry from when Hamish was abandoned and so hungry. Thank you for caring so and rescuing them..

Pippa is settling in well, she helps me get Holly up in the morning, bless her. I ordered her a cat tree, which gives her a chill out place and she sits on top ledge and spies out the window. Hope you are well. Take care. Claire and of course Pippa xx